About us

The task of the DIVE THE OCEAN ™ project is to present the beauty of seas and oceans to the public from the perspective of divers through photographs and films. On the other hand, the project is trying to bring together people who are trying to help nature (particularly marine life) at least by respecting basic rules of conduct that protect underwater life. In addition to the UW photographers, we welcome everyone who is interested in underwater wildlife, who is willing to protect the nature from ignorants. Don't hesitate to present the beauty of seas and oceans to other people, future generations, or maybe even inspire them to dive.

Red Sea Life Index was made to help everyone interested in fauna and flora identification, to show the diversity and colours of Red Sea. Jana Hrebejkova, one of the founders of this project, spent 7 years diving in the Red Sea. She wanted to share her pictures and experiences with other people. Together with Jaroslav Kaspar / Funlife & 3sixty / made this web pages for you. We will be happy when you find them useful and interesting.

This project is supported by other photographers who kindly provide their photos. Photographers: Jana Hrebejkova, Jaroslav Kaspar, Jan Musil, Alex Shestopalets, Petr Slezak,  …